Lessons learned from the movie Cinderella

We were happy to finally be able to go and see the movie, Cinderella. It was a beautiful portrayal of the classic fairytale and I highly recommend it. Here are some lessons I took away from this splendid movie. Enjoy.

Ella-with-her-mother-cinderella-2015-38055602-2048-1536Ella’s mother shares some beautiful wisdom with her daughter. Here is the wisdom bestowed upon beautiful Ella…

Have Courage and Be Kind. Ella has a sweet moment with her beloved mother where her mother shares this beautiful wisdom and tells her that it is a secret that will see her through all the trials that life can offer. Throughout the movie you see Cinderella struggle at times, to then hold herself high with the courage to go on.      It is a motto we can all use when moments get us down, struggles weigh heavy upon our day, we can remember to have courage in all we do and find kindness in any situation.

75Where there is kindness, there is goodness. You see this throughout the movie. Ella is always being kind and talking to the animals, the house help, her step-mother and step-sisters. She has a good heart and it shows in all she does.     I think we can all see this in our daily life, where we find kindness or when we are kind…goodness follows. If we are trying to do kind things within our lives, we will also find goodness within our lives. 

cinderella_glamour_19nov15_pr_b_810x540Save the Stag! [spoiler alert] This was one of my favorite scenes. There is a charming moment between the Prince and Ella when she confronts him in the forest. Ella had just rode up onto a stag in the woods & was taken by his greatness. She hears men on horseback nearby & tells the stag to run. Ella then comes between the stag and the Prince.  “You’ve nearly frightened the life out of him.” “Who?” asks the Prince. “The Stag,” replies Ella. “But we were hunting, you see. It’s what’s done.”said the Prince. “Just because it’s whats done, doesn’t mean its what should be done.” responds Ella.     It was a great scene and I found myself knowing that if I were in the same situation, I would have done and said the exact same thing.   JUST BECAUSE ITS WHAT’S DONE, DOESN’T MEAN IT’s WHAT SHOULD BE DONE!

CINDERELLAHave a little faith. “Even miracles take a little time.” -The Fairy Godmother     Ella’s mother always taught her to believe in magic and fairy godmothers, but at one point in the movie Ella has lost her faith in trying so hard to believe in the things her mother always taught her. At that moment a little magic showed up and a fairy godmother was there to help Ella have a little faith in knowing things would be better.     I think this is a great lesson for all of us—have faith no matter what the situation, the life outcome, if you are in debt, if you need courage, if you have lost hope, if we can remember to have a little faith, believe in something greater—great things will show up.

wallpaper-Cinderella-2015And where there is goodness, there is magic. I believe we all deserve a little magic. We are all made of the very stuff magic creates. We shine, we sparkle, we love, we are given magic every day.

cinderella-2015-movie-posters-photos03-e1417682045585-797x422Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me. “Names have power like magic spells”  In this movie Ella is called many terrible names by her step-sisters and step-mother—Cinderwench, Dirty-Ella, Cinder-Ella…through all the unkindness Ella has to learn to see the value within herself and not fall victim to their cruelty. She has to be who she is and find the beauty she holds within and allow it to be free.  You see her confidence when she spouts french words to her step-sisters and step-mother. You see her break free at the ball. You see her happy, singing, despite her circumstances.     I think this too is a great lesson, we are only victims, if we allow ourselves to be. Anyone can triumph over negative situations, if they allow themselves to break the bonds of another’s unkindness.

New-official-stills-cinderella-2015-37992763-800-450The gown. [spoiler alert] I loved the sentiment of the gown she wears to the ball. It started as a tattered, pink gown that was her mother’s, but the sweetness of it was that when her Fairy Godmother was going to give her a new dress, Ella asked that she create it from the dress she was wearing because it was her beloved mothers. Her Fairy Godmother changed the color, added some magic, but kept the lines and style much the same. Voila!! Beautiful ball gown with a touch of sweet sentiment.

C-050-35087RThey are all looking at you. The ball scene is the epitome of the most beautiful bell at the ball finally flying free from the chains that bound her. Her spirit soars and you see her shine like a princess. She is confident, beautiful and wearing glass slippers was icing on the cake of this exquisite scene. Beautiful.

best-new-romantic-movies-2015-including-paper-towns-and-the-longest-ride-CinderellaThere is a little magic in the mystery. The dance, the lost shoe, everyone wondering who the prince is dancing with, the prince chasing after the nameless beauty, time ticking away, the spell about to be broken. Anticipation and a little mystery in life can be a good thing. 

video-undefined-2461FB7700000578-359_636x358Envy is a bad little green pill to swallow. Throughout the movie you see the wicked Step-Mother envious of Ella and determined to make her life less pleasant. You really see the envy shine through when the glass slipper is found.      We all have moments of envy, jealous of another’s good fortune, but if we can remember that envy is like a bad little pill that brings more misery, just maybe we can walk away from the little green monster, focus on what we are grateful for and move beyond those emotions.   Cinderella does a beautiful job of moving beyond, focusing on her wonderful memories of the ball, the Prince and puts herself in a better place—beyond the spite and envy of another.

2461BCF900000578-2894943-It_fits_The_ugly_stepsisters_Anastasia_and_Drizella_are_played_b-a-55_1420245266062Don’t try to be someone that you are not. We all know the story that girls from all over the kingdom are determined to prove that the glass slipper is theirs, but in the end, it only fits the girl who is truly fit for it.    I think sometimes we can try to become something we are not—maybe take a job that doesn’t feel like a good fit, marry someone that doesn’t fit all our personal needs, have friends that don’t fit well with our lifestyle or future desires…everyone has moments where they try to fit into circumstances that are not right for their best life—be aware, don’t pretend, be true to what you need, what is the best fit for your best life.

Cinderella54de9bc5b2338Follow your heart. In the end the King wanted his son happy. He wanted him to follow his heart because the King knew that when one follows the heart–the best situation will happen—true happiness will follow.             I think if we could all remember to do this in our own life—happiness will surely follow.

dc6591060ae4522a259385c9aa4efd57Be true to You. Despite Cinderella’s circumstances, when the Prince’s men come calling to the home, Cinderella looks at her ratty dress in the mirror, holds her head high & walks proudly to meet the gentlemen. She does not care that she is like a servant girl, she is who she is & knows that she is equally as good as any other Princess out there. She introduces herself as “Cinderella.” You see the power that does not belittle her any longer. Even though she was teased by this name, it was who she was & she stood there proudly stating who she was.–There was a great quote (I cannot find it anywhere) when Cinderella looks at herself in the mirror. If anyone finds it–I would love to have it. Thanks.

Well, I thought it was a beautiful portrayal of a wonderful Disney classic. It had some great lessons and was visually breathtaking. If you see it, I hope you enjoy every moment.    -Peace to you.  H