Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Image“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” -unknown   

“A father carries pictures where his money used to be.”  -unknown

Gift ideas that I thought were unique, creative, fun, personal… Father’s day is a day to celebrate Dad because of all he does for his family. I have compiled a list of fun gift ideas that should get your creative juices flowing to figure out the right way to tell him you love and appreciate all he does for you.  Best wishes for a thoughtful, loving Father’s Day. 

FUN for the whole FAMILY:ImageFun Family Board Game: Check out Road trip or Camp for something a little different.   Crepe maker to have a sweet & savory crepe night .  Fondue pot with personalized sticks with each family member’s name on each.   If you have a boat buy a family water toy.  A good classic book the family can read together each night.   Maybe give Dad a big bucket of balls & a gift card to take the whole family to the driving range or miniature golfing.    Buy him a new bike bag and inside put a card that invites him for a family bike ride at a specific date and time. Put some of his favorite granola bars and a new water bottle inside.


ImageFor a good, fair Father’s Day FUN FIGHT!! Have a fun, family pillow fight or You can buy a pair of oversized boxing gloves or something like Sockem Boppers—big, boxing type gloves to get a good, fun punch in with your Pops!! http://www.amazon.com/Big-Time-Toys-Socker-Boppers/dp/B00004YUYS/ref=pd_sim_sbs_t_5


ImageImageFather’s Day Breakfast: Make it fun with a personalized pancake plate – you have all the kids help decorate at a local pottery shop or create your own with sharpies or stencils…


ImageFather’s Day Photo book: This is always a fun gift to share a fun year of family fun, a favorite fly fishing trip your husband enjoyed, memories from your marriage, or even make a cookbook with favorite recipes filled with pictures of family dinners…the ideas are limitless. I usually just make one through Walmart because they are inexpensive and the books turn out nice.


Some other creative gift ideas: 

ImageFor the music lover: there are all kinds of neat guitar picks–glass, metal, rainbow, all kinds of colors and materials–some are even made out of coins. Very cool!  Write a love note on vintage music sheets or empty music writing sheets.   If he sings, make him a personal water glass with his initials or a nice water bottle filled with suckers to keep the voice moist.   


ImageFor the guy into Sports: For the biker–There are all types of frames, bowls, decorative accessories made out of bike chain.  For the golfer–what about golf ball cuff links, ball stamp or a office putting green. For the team sports fan–make a pillow out of their favorite jersey, team or player number or make them a fun bucket of their favorite snacks for game time.  For a father who coaches–personalized whistle.     What about giving him a new gym/sports bag and inside put love notes from the kids, a new water bottle, towel, socks, shampoo, etc.


ImageFor the guy who loves the outdoors: Outdoor survival kit.   Go pro video cam.   Waterproof iPod.   Stove in a can.   Waterproof gear bag.   New pack filled with his favorites.   Pop up tent.  Cooler filled with his favorite drinks and snacks.   Utility knife.   Favorite outdoor/sports magazine.   A fun outdoor gadget like a headlamp, radios or waterproof camera.



ImageFor the business man: Personalized jump drive.  Matchbook sticky notes.   Wood iPhone case.   Cool pen like the fisher space pen (can write upside down and below -30 degrees, created to write in space).  Cool desk accessories like a laptop stand, vintage leather case for iPad.   Personalized note pad.



ImageSome ORIGINAL gift ideas: You can even personalize an order of jerky at http://www.slantshackjerky.com     What about wood sunglasses.  Upcycled tent drop kit.   A creative card deck like ‘The gentleman’s deck.’   Heads cratcher/massager.   Cool vintage t-shirt.   What about a belt made out of bike tread.   Questions for couples card deck.   Cool compass to stay the course.   Make a fun car wash kit with all his favorite car care accessories and then have the family clean the car together.

Well, that is all I have for today!! I hope these ideas help you make a FABULOUS FATHER’s DAY possible!! Happy day.