Lessons learned from the movie Same Kind of Different as Me


For starters, my little family was in tears. This movie will tug at the very depth of your emotions. It is a true story about very different people, the struggles that bring them together, the challenges that life can offer and the story of one incredible woman that brings it full circle. It has many beautiful and also heart wrenching moments. Even though there are some sad themes, you will finish watching with a full heart.

I am not going to give you too much of the storyline because I do not want to ruin it for you, but it was worth the emotional ride.


screen-shot-2016-08-17-at-9-50-10-amLEARN FROM CHALLENGE: Sometimes you learn how strong you are through the struggles you go through. Deb wanted to find a way to connect on a deeper level with her husband, so she took him to a soup kitchen. Oh, the lessons they learned together.


screen-shot-2017-10-23-at-10-35-28-amHAVE A HEART OF GOODNESS: Deborah had a way of looking beyond the exterior and finding the heart of goodness in anyone.  She brought out the good in people. She gave them a chance. She had a dream about a man…I had another dream.  It was about a poor wise man who changes the city.  …Can’t you just see it?!  Flower boxes…  A place where people know they matter just as much as people on the other side of that tunnel?!

IF we could all take that into our own life, the world would be a better place. If we could even just start with a smile to a stranger or think outside of ourselves for one day–that would be a good start. Maybe you could make cookies for a neighbor, hand out water bottles to homeless people on a corner, leave a nice comment for a cashier who checked you out at the grocery store. Begin small. One tiny act begins and then swells into more.


636373584980760478-SKGregBE TRUE TO THOSE AROUND YOU: I fell in love with the love and respect these two men shared. They were strangers, grew closer together through challenge & found a lasting friendship. Before I answer your question about being friends, something I wanna ask you.  Something about white people always bother me.  When white people go fishing, they do catch and release…  See where I growed up… when we finally caught something on the line, we’s real proud of what we got.  [We sure didn’t release it.]  …  If you is a white man that is fishing for a friend and you just wanna catch and release, then I got no desire to be your friend. -Denver

When you give a plate of food or $1 to a homeless man, what do you think you’re doing?  Helping?!  No.  A plate of food don’t change nothing.  You’re tell him you seehim.  He’s not invisible. -Denver


samekinddifferent12100WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING GOOD INSIDE US. No matter what, Bless him.  Your daddy got a good man inside of him. Sometimes you just gotta bless the hell out of people.  Your daddy had a lot of hell in him. -Denver

This is a genuine lesson on remembering that no matter what people go through, what addictions they pick up along the journey, what stories they tell themselves or those they love…no matter what has happened, we have to remember that there truly is a good person in there somewhere. They have just forgotten, have become numb, have lost that part of themselves & need to rebuild to find it.


Same-kind-620x400-1024x661WE ARE ALL THE SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT: She was different.  She saw me behind them bars and reached down and pulled me out with the key God gave her.

I used to spend a lot of time worrying I was different from other people.  Even homeless people.  …  But what I found out, we’re all different.  Same kind of different as me.

Miss Debbie, she a whole nother kind of different.  Miss Debbie dreamed of a better place for us homeless folks.  And I’m not talking about heaven.  I’m talking about right here.

Whether we’s rich or whether we’s poor, we’s all homeless, every last one of us.  Just working our way back home. -Denver

I LOVE this last thought. WE are ALL HOMELESS, just working our way back home. If you think about that, there is so much truth in that statement. We are all just working our way back, learning life lessons, learning about our human selves, trying to work together, finding and appreciating the spiritual sides of our existence, etc. We are all in a state of progression, trying to find our way on the path of life, on the journey back to our spiritual home.


same-kind-of-different-as-meEVERYTHING HOLDS A TREASURE, A GIFT TO SOMEONE: God’s in the recycling business, of turning trash into treasure. -Ron

I think life holds so many moments to find the hidden gems of lessons that need to be learned. Sometimes we become jaded to the homeless guy on the corner or begin to not care about the needs of others, sadly. Life is a path & the books we choose to read, the movies we watch, the conversations we have, the stories we hear about, the people we come across along the way…all become a part of our bigger story. We take little nuggets of wisdom, lessons learned, feelings felt & we thread them into the story of our own life.

I can vividly remember moments with complete strangers, conversations with homeless people, stories shared with me by cashiers I just met…I believe everything comes into our life or happens for a reason. It may simply be the need for connection, but what we take from it– that becomes our life treasures, the little gems that stay with us for our own journey.


12 10 _176.NEFI believe this movie was a genuine gift to my little family. It touched every single one of us on various levels. My daughter never cries during movies and rarely cries about anything, but was genuinely touched and became so emotional. It was a beautiful gift to see her emotion. My husband seemed to have a new outlook on possibly trying to find some avenue to help people in some way. I felt so much gratitude to be a family. It was a lovely gift to all of us.

I guarantee you will probably cry, maybe feel some sadness, will experience lows and highs, but you will also be moved by the beautiful message behind the true story.


Enjoy. Peace, love and kindness to you today.  -H






Lessons learned from the movie Into the Woods

into-the-woodsWe just took our daughter to see Into the Woods and I guarantee your family may be mixed on reviews. My daughter LOVED it, my husband fell asleep through part of it (he does that on occasion) and I enjoyed most of it. There were a few things that were not to my ‘happily ever after’ ideal. But, for the most part there was fun music, great casting, funny songs, fairytales…

But, I am a true believer that you can always learn something from most movies, so I wanted to share with you some of the lessons we learned (I took a few thoughts from my daughter as well). Hopefully there are not too many spoilers. 🙂

into-woods-witch-bakerThe ‘Golden Rule’ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  The witch was wronged and this led to spells and cruelty. If you always strive to live the golden rule within your life—good things will come and witches will stay away.

INTO THE WOODSDon’t be misled, just go straight ahead. This is a great rule for life. Many things can be a great distraction on our journey called life, so be aware of your direction, the places you want to go, the people you surround yourself with, the lessons you are meant to learn along the way. Keep your focus on good things, good people and don’t be misled by distractions all around you.

INTO THE WOODSBe careful and don’t talk to strangers. Because Good isn’t Nice! Some people may seem like they are good, but that does not mean they are also nice. I know this sounds a little crazy, but it does make crazy sense. There can be people who seem to be good, who have good intentions, but it does not mean they are necessarily nice. In the end, they will be out for themselves.

28WOODS1-articleLargeAgony isn’t always as it seems. Many people will LOVE one of the best scenes in the movie…the two princes singing “Agony” after they have lost their beautiful maidens, in one way or another. Agony is upon them, but their agony turns into a competition of who is in more pain. Funny scene. Lesson—everyone has a different level of agony in their life, it doesn’t need to turn into a match of who is in worse shape or who has a more terrible circumstance. That does not do any good for anyone. We all have a tendency to do this once in awhile with the stories we tell. We like to outdo another. Respect the agony–give up on the storytelling.

141223_MOV_INTOTHEWOODS.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeWould you do whatever it takes to get something you want? Would you give up your values? Would you lie, cheat and steal for something you want? How far would you go?? The lesson is within the question. Would you?? In the movie the baker and the bakers wife (love Emily Blunt) want something so badly that they have to face these moral dilemmas.

corden-interview-175236It takes two!! This was a great scene and life is just that, leaning on another, learning about yourself, finding someone to trust, to help you along in any circumstance.

anna_kendrick_cinderellaDon’t be afraid to be yourself!! Cinderella’s story throughout the movie was one of running from the prince, pretending to be someone she wasn’t, and having conversations in the woods, but in the end she learned about who she truly was and wanted to be.

MTI2NTgwNTg5NDg5ODUzNzE0Keep your child safe, but is a tower really necessary?  As a mother you want your children to be safe, but no matter what, they will find the real world and create their own destiny. What you do as a mother will stay with them for the rest of their life, so love and nurture them, keep them close, but not too close that they can’t spread their own wings and learn to truly fly.

into-the-woods-movie-teaser-screenshot-jack-and-the-beanstalkIf someone dares you to do something—would you do it? Despite the consequences. In the movie Jack is dared by Little Red to climb back up the bean stalk to steal something from the giants and the consequences are great. Ask yourself, what values do you hold and if someone gave you a dare—how would you respond. Sometimes our ego gets in the way and we feel we need to be someone we are not, do something that is not who we are and the consequences are often heavy.

Screenshot-2014-07-31-11.16.30-e1406831733844Does Courage Change you? Absolutely! The baker and his wife have a great scene where they are sharing with one another how this adventure into the woods had changed them for the better. In life, we often need change to spur us to action, to mold our character, to strengthen our values, to help move us in a better life direction. Change is a good thing, if we can acknowledge that and learn from it!

into-the-woods-puts-twists-on-the-classic-talesBe grateful for what you have. Don’t allow a wandering eye for someone else’s affection shift your clarity. Don’t get stuck in the curiosity of greener pastures or thinking that a different life, spouse, house, job will make our life better. When you are grateful, you already live in the greenest grasses, the most beautiful pastures. You see the beauty in what you have.

Well, I hope this gets you interested to see the movie and make your own interpretations about this movie. There are some wonderful things, some dark things, some magical storytelling. Enjoy everything & look for the lessons held within.

Enjoy your beautiful day.  -H

Lessons learned from the movie Winter’s Tale & Og Mandino

I just saw the movie, Winter’s Tale, which I tried to explain to my father this morning and came up with Love Story, Good and Evil, Miracles, Destiny and beautiful sentiments throughout. I am a true romantic at heart so the first moments of the movie talking about stars and miracles of light moved me. 

Last week I went away with my husband and during our long drive to our destination we read Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Miracle in the World.” It was a beautiful book that touched me to my core, that reminded me of the blessed gifts we are given each day & that we are one in millions, like stars in the sky, we light up the world, we touch one another without a thought and we were created to be connected in ways we may never understand. 

For some reason between that book and this movie I came away feeling a greater sense of knowing the expanse of who we are, that we truly are miracles and we are meant to be used, have a purpose, and continue to hold on to hope and faith and love in ways that are unimaginable. There is such beauty in that very thought. 

Today, I wanted to give you some gifts of verse from these very places and hope that these words may touch you in some way and remind you of who you are and the blessed gifts you hold. 


A story of Faith, hope and Love


Image A story of good vs evil–Light vs Dark


“No one ever said that you would live to see the repercussions of everything you do, or that you have guarantees, or that you are not obliged to wander in the dark, or that everything will be proved to you and neatly verified like something in science. Nothing is: at least nothing that is worthwhile. I didn’t bring you up only to move across sure ground. I didn’t teach you to think that everything must be within our control or understanding. Did I? For, if I did, I was wrong. I fyou won’t take a chance, then the powers you refuse because you cannot explain them, will, as they say, make a monkey out of you.” 
― Mark HelprinWinter’s Tale
ImageA story that touches connection and light held within the magic of eternity, miracles and destiny.
“You can’t expect anyone to trust revelation if he hasn’t experienced it himself. Those who haven’t only know reason. And since revelation is a thing apart, and cannot be accounted for reasonably, they never will believe you. This is the great division of the world and always has been. When reason and revelation run together, why, then you have something great, a great age.” 
― Mark HelprinWinter’s Tale


ImageYou are the greatest miracle in the world
“Consider a painting by Rembrandt or a bronze by Degas or a violin by Stradivarius or a play by Shakespeare.  They have great value for two reasons:  their creators were masters and they are few in number.  Yet there are more than one of each of these.
On that reasoning you are the most valuable treasure on the face of the earth, for you know who created you and there is only one of you.
Never, in all of the seventy billion humans who have walked this planet since the beginning of time has there been anyone exactly like you.  
Never, until the end of time, will there be another such as you.
You have shown no knowledge or appreciation of your uniqueness.
Yet, you are the rarest thing in the world.” 
― Og MandinoThe Greatest Miracle in World
Image“Most humans, in varying degrees, are already dead. In one way or another they have lost their dreams, their ambitions, their desire for a better life. They have surrendered their fight for self-esteem and they have compromised their great potential. They have settled for a life of mediocrity, days of despair and nights of tears. They are no more than living deaths confined to cemeteries of their choice. Yet they need not remain in that state. They can be resurrected from their sorry condition. They can each perform the greatest miracle in the world. They can each come back from the dead…” 
― Og MandinoThe Greatest Miracle in World
ImageShine. Look to the heavens with a blessed heart and know you were meant to shine beautifully.