What’s your LIFE motto

ImageImageI have been putting together a training program for my husbands work and I LOVE using commercials, great mottos, slogans, etc. 

So, today I thought I would share some of the good things I came across…because you can be inspired by many things!! Enjoy.

McCormick’s Live Deliciously slogan

Image Doesn’t this slogan just make you want to live better. Two words that go so well together, the very thought makes me want to bike an Italian Countryside or swim in an endless pool under the stars. Maybe, I just need a vacation [smile.smile] Then, there is the whole food factor because it makes me want to eat better, more deliciously—yummy salads with lots of fruit, fruit smoothies with umbrellas—sounds like a vacation again [smile.smile]


Hallmark’s Life is an Occasion

Image This slogan just makes me get grateful. It makes me think of every little occasion and how it should be made memorable. I just had someone tell me about a family friend who just found out she has stage 4 breast cancer, so it is in moments like this that you hold your blessed life a little closer & think of every moment as an occasion to embrace.


LOVE absolut vodka Doing Things Differently

This ad just yells creativity, inspiration, fun, whimsy, thinking outside [literally] and seeing things and doing it differently. Great ad!


Smart Car

This ad made me smile & then it made me think how it shows each and every one of us that no matter what—we should focus on OUR strengths–No one else’s. We are unique, different, have had various life lessons & can speak from our own experiences. Focus on your individual strengths, instead of wasting time in places and things you don’t truly care about. Life is too short.


ImageSo, what mottos are you living by? What are you telling yourself? Are you living deliciously? Are you taking each day as a wonderful occasion? Are you telling yourself that you are amazing or mediocre? What do you believe about your life? What is your motto, slogan, mantra…Whatever it is—make it great!! Make it yours.

Well, that is it for today. Enjoy. Smile. Laugh and enjoy your fabulous, blessed day.  -Heather

What is your motto—Oh well OR What if?

ImageI was listening to a podcast recently by Pat Flynn. He had spent years going to architectural school, graduated, got his dream job and then was laid off. He then fell into the world of online business and has been very successful. One of his motto’s I loved… “It is better to go with the Oh Wells in life instead of the What if’s.”

I like the idea of going for it, trying something new, taking a chance, instead of wondering what if this happens. You are going to be further along any road trying different ways of getting somewhere, then being stuck in one place wondering and worrying about what could happen.

Begin to move in the direction of your thoughts, your ideas, your dreams, your desires. It is harder for life to slow down someone who is moving with a breath of enthusiasm, then to circle someone who stands still. There is a time and a place for stillness, but not when there is a whirl of creativity, a urgency of ideas, a well of endless possibilities that seems to be circling you. This is the call of movement, the inner desires of your heart, a direction that needs you to follow.

Don’t give in to the what if’s—move, dance, create, fulfill that part of you that can open the door to experiences that will enhance your life, that will guide you to learning something new, that will teach you something about yourself…even if it ends up being a “oh well” moment. You will be able to look at yourself and know—you were moved, you listened and you followed.

So here’s to life motto’s—those little sayings that speak to our hearts & dwell in our minds….Which ones are you going to follow?