Don’t Worry Be Happy


In recognition of all the nervous kids starting school soon, I wanted to send a well wish of HAPPINESS.

Last night I got together with my brothers and sisters and their kids. We talked about things the kids were nervous about with school starting soon. Many kids jumped in, “I hate school” “Lockers” “Bullies” “Mean teachers” & then the adults shared a few stories from their youth. It was fun to hear from the many generations talk about what made them worry, how they made friends from strangers, nervousness about locker combinations, bullies, if they were going to have nice teachers, why they didn’t like school & why they did…it was fun!!

We then had each family take a helium filled balloon outside & had each member from their family write down any worries or concerns about starting school. Each family then watched as each balloon began to drift away…We were literally watching our worries float away. It was beautiful.

We then had then all watch and dance to the following song—it was a perfect fit!! Enjoy!!

And remember this—feelings are real, so take the time to talk to your kids, see how they are feeling, what they are worried about and do all you can to help take away their worries.  -Peace and Love to you today.

Teacher THANK YOU gift ideas


Image“It takes a special person to light that fire, to raise our children’s expectations for themselves and never give up on them, no matter how challenging it might be. All of us are here because, at some point, somebody did that for us.”

SInce school is nearing the end I thought it would be a good idea to shower those wonderful teachers in our lives with love, kind words and happy deeds that will make them feel appreciated. So I am digging up ideas and compiling them here for you to use. Take the ideas and make them your own, shower those people who have taken good care of your child and make them feel loved and acknowledged. Here is to PRAISING & APPRECIATING those who make a difference each and every day. Ask you child—their teacher is probably one of their favorite people in the whole world–Let’s make them feel that way!! CHEERS TO OUR TEACHERS who touch, inspire, teach and admire…love to you.


In searching I found many teachers said they most appreciate a hand written note from a parent or child appreciating all they do. This is the #1 cherished gift, so here is a link to a darling printable Teacher Thank you card your child can color & give. Darling!!

Here are a few more ideas if you are feeling creative…

ImageImageSome of my favorite sayings I came across:

There is no “sub”stitute for a teacher like you (given with a subway gift card)

A fun summer kit: a bag filled with any of the following…a fun reusable cup, magazines, sunblock, chapstick, towel, flip flops, water bottle, sunglasses, etc.

Thanks for sparking my creative “juices” (given with a juice card)

“Owl” always be thankful for you. (give with something that has an owl)

What would I “DEW” without you. (given with a bottle of Mtn Dew)

Thanks for helping me “grow” (given with a plant, flowers, pot with seeds, etc)

Thanks. You are so “sweet” (given with a jar of favorite sweet treats)

You are o”fish”ally the best!! (given with a decorated bag of sweedish fish)

Thanks a “latte” (given with a starbucks gift card)

You’ve been a “highlight” of my year (given with a set of highlighter pens)

Out of the ordinary gift ideas

Imagea unique journal idea. Write a nice thank you note inside to your teacher


Cute charm your teacher would appreciate–book, charm bracelet with teacher type charmsImageRecycled Pencils

ImagePersonalized sticky notes: they have all shapes (leaves, kitty, flower, stars, hearts, characters, quotes, etc.) Pick something specific to your teacher.

Personalized book mark Ideas: always a good idea for a teacher who loves to read.

Here is a great link to print & have your child color a fun, personalized book mark. You can then have it laminated, add string or a fun charm to make it even more special.

Some other cute book mark ideas to make: ImageImageImageImage

OTHER TEACHERS that are beloved and not forgotten: Don’t forget to praise and appreciate the other “specialty” teachers your child has enjoyed in music, art, PE, dance, sports, the school Principal, etc. Make sure you take the time to thank them. They often get unrecognized because we usually only think of the class teachers, but these other teachers do a lot to inspire and enrich their lives too. Don’t forget to reach out to them. Here are some additional ideas for them…

Dance: I just sent my daughter with a package of playing cards for each of her dance teachers. I wrapped them in red cellophane & made a large playing card (5 of hearts) that I typed on each of the hearts…”You are a dancing QUEEN”  “You are a ONE OF A KIND”   “DIAMONDS are a girls BFF & so are you”   “Never miss a chance to dAnCE”   “Dance brings everybody a great DEAL of joy” & wrapped them up with fun red ribbon tied with a thank you note.

Other ideas I came across for dance: cute dance charms, a t-shirt that says “Dance is cheaper than therapy”, personalized water bottles with their name, an iTunes gift card with a card attached that said “Thank you for helping me get my groove on”


Music Teacher Ideas: Music note charm for necklace or bracelet, Cute sayings like “Music=Life without music life would “B (flat” symbol), Keep Calm & Love Music, Flowers made out of paper music sheets, a guitar pick etched with the saying “I’d pick you every time”, cute banner made out of sheet music with the teachers name.Image

Sports & PE: Hoodie or T-shirt that says “PE Teacher or Coach”, personalized whistle, water bottle with their name on it, A Skor candy bar with they saying “I “Skor”ed big getting you for my coach!”, a small cooler for game time, personalized towel


Well, I hope these ideas get you thinking of something to do to say THANK YOU to the amazing teachers in your child’s life. Big or small, handmade or store bought, anything will bring a smile to a teacher’s heart…just make sure you take the time to say THANKS!

Happy Day  -Heather