Valentine Wishes

Image“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”  -Franklin P. Jones


Valentines is that time of year when we want to show those we love little ways in which we care. Over the years I have done messages in a bottle, hung stars all over our bedroom, made photo books, love tokens, an antique cap gun, gifted his “favorite” things….so it is becoming more and more challenging to be a little more creative in my love giving.

I am going to search and scour for some of my favorites to share with you: 

ImageFortune of LOVE: I did like this cute fortune cookie that comes with a book of fortunes you can change out. Here is the link. I thought you could randomly hide it and have your spouse, kids, friends find them & give them a little love boost!!  Amazon:


ImageLove Chain: You could make a chain of hearts and write reasons you love them. 


ImageLove You More: My husband and I Love throwing this saying at each other, so last year he gave me this bracelet & I loved it. 


ImageCard Deck of Love: I thought this was a unique, fun idea. Include the many things you love card by card & then bind them together. You could also turn this into a “Deck of Date Night” ideas. This would be fun if you never know what to do–flip a card & do it!!


ImageCreative, Personalized Card: Making cards for someone is always fun when you can add a little creativity and originality. I have made cards with magazine cutouts, done hearts in tissue paper, made photo cards, etched sentiments on a frame, get creative and make it memorable.  I also thought the look of the below book page with a nice note is a sweet idea. You could get a old book & write different sentiments on various pages or add images, etc.




Silver-plated Love Token: everything is sweet when it is silver plated. You could give him this love token to carry around, put on his desk and remember the love you have for him. You could do it like a gratitude rock. Give him/her this heart & have them carry it in their pocket every day & every time they touch it have him/her think of something he/she is grateful for in your relationship.  Here is a link to some similar ideas:


ImageSomething Sexy: Came across this book that sounded fun & good for any sex life. You could get your own beads to accompany this book & make it your own. If you need something to shake things up — this might be a good thing!!


Some other ideas: Take a sexy pic of yourself, Make a special dinner together, write a love note and put it in the mailbox, make them their favorite dessert, make a sentimental collage of pics that show your entire relationship together, make a special mix cd or play list that has songs that are special to the two of you, give each other a special dare, play your own version of “Would you rather,” write them a note that includes some foreign love languages [ie: jetaime], make them a special note or picture that says “Today I have loved you for …..days,” have a special evening where you write down fun memories, special date moments & create your own book of love.

Well, I hope these ideas will help you create something wonderful and give your special valentine a much needed wish of LOVE.


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