Olympic Enthusiasm!!

The Olympics have begun!! Wahoo! I don’t know about any of you, but the Olympics holds so many inspiring stories, so many moments that are hard to forget, faces that light up with a dream come true, skill, talent, heartache, every emotion that can be tapped into. The Opening Ceremonies are tonight and I can’t wait to see the creativity, the smiling faces realizing how big their dream is and how beautiful it is to be present in it. That is a wonderful thing!!

I compiled some great stories and commercials that I have come across that really spoke to me about the Olympic spirit. Enjoy!!

Just inspiring. It shows how valuable support truly is. 

Keep the Dream Alive—No Matter What!! Do what you Love. Great story about a kid from Indiana that wanted to have fun and live the passion he had for skiing.  

Just Have Faith–unbelievable comeback from death.  Amy Purdy Story  

Find the Positive   

You have to Believe–JR Celski Story 

P and G has done a whole series of these inspiring stories on a variety of athletes from all over the world. Check the rest out on Youtube. Nicely done P & G.

Enjoy the Olympic season. Peace to you.

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