Decorative-Beautiful-Oak-Garden-Doors“Big doors swing on little hinges.”  -W Clement Stone


I love the idea of how little things can make big things happen. Whether it is just little by little every day. One little step toward a bigger goal. One step in the right direction of your dreams. It all begins with a little motivation, a little momentum, a little action.

Think of something you would like to do & think of something small you can do today & then something small tomorrow…and then…you are accomplishing big goals with little steps.


Here are a few tips and tricks:

Here is a video link of one woman & how she uses a door & sticky notes to move her in the right direction–try it out if it feels right to you. 


Take it One day or One door at a time. Where will today lead?

2984029909_2cc0544caaTrue momentum will begin when we begin to have a few small wins!! Create a tiny step you can do today & begin there. Once you accomplish this one little thing—you will feel a sense of Win!! That will lead to another day to begin another small step and then another…you will feel the momentum pick up and you will be on your way.


antique and medieval wooden door knob



Good luck in all you do and genuine best wishes for a fulfilled life. Love and hugs. -Heather

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