365 New things to Learn

It is always good to learn new things, so here you go…

Sad And Upset Woman Deep In Thought

Pain: Women have twice as many nerve receptors as men, causing them to feel pain more intensely. However, they also have a higher tolerance for it.  -WTFFUNFACTS

blue-whale-qedInteresting Animal Facts: During the cold winter the Alaskan Wood frog becomes a block of ice, stops breathing, the heart stops beating. When spring arrives it thaws and returns to normal.

Ligers continue to grow their entire life because of a genetic disorder called ‘growth dysplasia.’ They grow twice the size of a Tiger mama and  Lion papa. The largest was 922 lbs.  -WTFF

Loudest animals: Blue Whale 9188 decibels–louder than jet engine) The loudest animal relative to its body size–the tiny water boatman (99.2 decibels-front row of orchestra)

The oldest living animals: Tortoise was 177 years old. The giant barrel sponge is one of the longest living animals. Largest specimens located in the Caribbean are 2,250 years old.  -zidbits

Martin Luther King died at 39, but his heart was like that of a 60 year old because of the stress in his life.

Take a Brain Break (from the book, Better Each Day)  In a NY study, people were asked to memorize pairs of images & scientists measured the brain activity, during viewing and a wakeful rest period. They found that absorbing info activated the brain & the brain in some cases became more active during rest=higher retention.

“The inward journey is about finding your own fullness, something that no one else can take away.”  -Deepak Chopra

iStock_000056621624_Large-770x35510 things you can do to improve your life by next week: 1. Take a brain break  2. Mind/Body connection to strengthen your resolve  3. Vent strategically: seek the viewpoint of a trusted friend not to win the argument, but to try and see the argument more clearly (vs more people on your side)  4.Dine alfresco and you will be more fully awake and engaged with your meal if you eat outside   5. Stop waffling over decisions: the simple act of washing your hands can help you stop questioning your judgement according to U of Michigan psychologists.   6. Volunteer   7. Alleviate major worries by working out   8. Learn to listen to strengthen your relationships   9. Pause for appreciation (mini meditation)   10. Talk yourself into a better mood (have meaningful conversations)  -From the book Better Each Day

Vin Diesel’s acting career started after he (age 7) and his brother broke into a NY theater with the intent to vandal. The artistic director caught them & offered to put them in a show.  -wtff

NO more SODA: Dr. Zumin Shi from the University of Adelaide in Australia did a study that showed soda can be linked to asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), not to mention obesity and heart disease. Yikes!

5 most challenging languages to learn: Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin. Japanese is the hardest for an english speaker

guitar-110 hobbies to make you smarter: 1. Play an instrument  2. Read voraciously  3. Meditate  4. Workout your brain (puzzles & riddles)  5. Exercise often  6. Learn a language  7. Write your feelings down  8. Travel to new places  9. Cook different meals (multi-task creativity)  10. Participate in sports actively


http---coresites-cdn.factorymedia.com-twc-wp-content-uploads-2015-11-mountain_biking_coupleJust learned this from Oprah’s newsletter–Scientific research is showing that exercise helps you to stay younger looking. At least 3 days of exercise. Get out & Just do it!!

Happy learning!! -H

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