To humble & to Wow


This GoPro video has a message you have to listen to and be in awe of. Life is a dream. Life can be full of surprises. Life is what you live. You are made of Stars, so the possibilities are limitless.

When you look at the BIG world around us, the unmeasurable spaces of the universe, you can’t help but feel small. Yet, we are made of the very magic of the divine places, the light that makes up everything. We live by the very pulse of it all. We are part of all that is. There is a sacred space in all things. I think this video shares a glimpse of that connection, the magic, the greater divinity in everything we do. Beautiful.

Then with this video, you see the details, the magnificence of the world, the colors, the variety, the space, the beauty. You can’t look at the swirl of the stars and not feel small or see the clouds race by and know something larger is at work. Everything is so beautifully timed. We are part of this place. We are part of the beauty. We are part of what we make it.

I don’t think you can look at the details of this world and not be humbled and know the deep love that is hidden in everything.



Here is one last video of some amazing places around the world.

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