Maybe a Life trap


I just read this quote and it hit me straight between the eyes. It is so true. I have actually seen a red fox trapped in a steel vice & it had almost chewed its leg off struggling to get free. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen in my life. I never want to see anything like that again. It was truly soul wrenching. I looked deeply into its beautiful golden eyes and my heart ached for it. I was helpless.

I have that same gut-wrenching heartache for my brother that has become an alcoholic within 6 months. How does that happen! I believe he is choosing a slow death and that pains me to the core. The saddest part of it all is he has a beautiful family. He has a 12-year-old son that enjoys him and just wants to be his best friend. He has so many good things in his life, but he chose to take something to “take the edge off…to be able to talk to people more…to relax…to…”

He is like the trapped fox that is slowly dying. He doesn’t even see it. Okay, maybe he does. He knows he is hurting his body because he is already feeling the pains. He knows the risks, but he chooses to take one more sip. He gets in a car with his family & doesnt think he is buzzed, but the reality is, who truly drinks & thinks they could end someone’s life?? What drinker does?

I am sure that fox did not see the risk in taking one little piece of something that would lead to his doom. Who does? Who thinks that one drink, that one prescription, that one…would lead to something bigger than themselves, something that eventually will be the demise of the good that is in their life. No one steps into a trap willingly.

I don’t have anything against drinking, but I do have something against people who are not responsible or care about the outcome their addictive behavior may cause. We all have relationships within our lives that at times can be toxic. It is when people loose themselves to the traps that those around them fall victims too. That is what pains me most. Please be careful in all that you do & how your choices affect those around you.

-Peace and Love. -H

Look at yourself & ask—What is beautiful in my world today? What will set you free?




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