Talk. Talk. Talk.


I think every relationship needs nurturing. Even the best relationships can fall into ruts, get caught up in the daily routines, gets rushed, stuffed, or forgotten.

I am going to try and find some good advice for one of the most important parts of any good relationship—communication. My sweet, younger sister is always asking, “What do you talk about,” when we are talking about our marriages.

I think taking the time to invest in communication, one-on-one talking, secrets that you share, funny gossip, something you have learned…is so vital to the growth of any relationship, so that is what I am going to touch on today.



We have all heard the saying, “Never ASSume. You make an ASS out of U & ME” That is still true in relationships. I think sometimes we may think we know our partner so well that we may assume they mean one thing or maybe they are thinking something else. NEVER ASSUME. This quote should go both ways–women should never assume everything is okay with their man either. In any relationship it goes both ways.


You have heard all the sayings, “Get it off your chest,” or “Say what is in your heart,” or “Speak your truth,” or “Say what you need to say”… There truly is wisdom in being heard. Everyone needs to feel they can get their feelings out, no matter what. Be honest with yourself & those around you. If you need to share feelings or are harboring ill will about something—get it out!


f94bd6cbb83330102748431d118184fcThis just made me smile, but is so true. What a tragic story that could have had a happy ending if they would have just talked & communicated what was going on in their lives. Everyone is going in different life directions, but if we don’t stop & talk about what we are doing or where we are going…someone is bound to get lost.



The sooner you realize every individual has different needs and are different people, the better. A couple is TWO DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS that come together. BUT, you need to be willing to be flexible to the needs of one another. It is good to be different because hopefully you will help one another grow in better directions. You may be very outgoing and your husband is very introverted & that is okay because you will help balance one another out. Be serious. Be silly. Try new things together. Find the things you enjoy together, but also be willing to stretch & grow.



I think this quote works well for any type of communication (work relationships, but also marriage). Any marriage can communicate to get by. BUT if you truly work on your communication, miracles will happen in your relationship & your family.



This is a very true statement. PERIOD. We can always learn more when we try to understand the other persons situation instead of trying to get back at them. This is vital in a marriage. My husband is very good at stepping back after he has said something to hurt me & trying to understand why it affected me so much. He always takes the high road & tries to understand on a deeper level.



Learn all you can about yourself, so you are your best self in the most important relationship of your life. When you are aware of personal insecurities you can face them & find better ways to deal with them. They can & will affect your relationship. Be careful spending so much time on time stealers like Facebook because … One study found that high levels of Facebook usage were associated with negative relationship outcomes like cheating and break-up.12 Such negative outcomes are generally the result of Facebook-related conflicts like contacting an ex-partner and constant partner monitoring. -Pscyhology today  Here is another article that talks about multiple reasons it affects relationships



Begin again. Here are some great resources to get you talking again in one of the most important relationships you have–

30 starts to a great conversation:

80 more questions:

Love Map game:

I hope all these thoughts and ideas help your relationship grow. Have a beautiful day. -H

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