It’s a NEW…different day


You may not even notice, but I changed the overall look of this blog to something NEW and DIFFERENT. I truly hope you like the simplicity and natural look of the blog.

I think we should all be looking for things we can do differently. Things we can do to shake up our routines, our day. I thought I would start off this NEW blog image with a blog about seeking out ways to shake things up!! Here are some ideas to add some ‘NEWNESS’ to your day…your life!

STAND OUT.     Find ways to stand out in your own life. Maybe you like to paint your nails a flashy color, or like to be the aunt that always gives out candy. Feeling like you have fun things to share helps you feel like you stand out and are shaking things up for those around you.  My daughter is always full of variety–she comes up with so many voices (British, minions, gru, her own ‘Lava Kava’ language) and shares them with her friends and family. She also has a special, unique handshake she does with each one of her cousins. She stands out & makes everything fun!! Love it.

FIND SOMETHING FUNNY.      Laughter is so good for everything!!  Shake up your day with something funny. Find a video that makes you laugh, watch a good comedy for an evening date night, do something out-of-the-box like a bubble-blowing contest with friends or family. Find something that will make you smile and do more of that!!

CHANGE UP.     Do something that is not your ordinary–eat outside, walk to work, find a new route to work, eat somewhere you have never been before. Where a color or style that is completely new to you. Go somewhere you have never been before–like a local museum, library, concert hall, garden, etc. New places are always a good change up.

START A CONVERSATION WITH A STRANGER.     I have had many opportunities where I have started a conversation with a cashier & learned why they have not been able to get enough sleep (worried about a friend in another state that just lost his brother to suicide) or why they remember numbers so well (they take care of their ailing mother’s bills & they have to remember lots of numbers). Everyone has a story to tell. Take the time to listen and you will walk away with a greater appreciation for your life, a sympathetic heart for someone in need, a story that makes your heart ache to find a way to help…people need connection. Take a minute to reach out and listen.

JOIN A CLUB.     Maybe there are some people in your local community who do book clubs, garden clubs, volunteer with youth, dance as couples, do ‘foodie’ nights.  Think of something that is of interest and reach out to your local universities to learn more about community education or contact a local park and rec for local recreational activities. Just ask and find a good fit for you.

LEARN SOMETHING NEW.     I just picked up a guitar at a garage sale the other day for $7. I just love to hear how it strums. I have no idea how to play, but drumming on it and strumming it brings some sense of calm. I just started getting on youtube to see what I can learn about my vintage ‘Norma’ guitar.  It is fun and challenging to learn something new. Pick up a book or download a tablet book–get reading about something that interests you. There is a whole world of things to learn about, places to see, sports to try, crafts to make, languages to learn, classes to take….so many possibilities. Just begin.

BECOME WELL ROUNDED (‘fully or broadly developed).     If you were to take just 15 minutes a day to learn something new on a topic you wanted to know more about, just think of all you could learn. In just 30 days that would equal 450 minutes of learning. You could learn lots of things within just a month of being disciplined for 15 minutes a day. In one year that would equal 5,475 minutes, which would be over 90 hours of learning in a year. Think of all the possibilities!!

SHAKE IT UP.     Literally. Shake up your exercise routine. Maybe you have been doing yoga forever, so it may be time to add in a little urban rebounding (mini-tramp). Maybe you have always wanted to try Capoeira or rock climbing, so sign-up for a intro class to see what its like. Try speed walking instead of running. Try swimming in the ocean instead of at the gym. Shake up your workout and begin peppering your day with some new activities.

SHIFT YOUR SURROUNDINGS.     Maybe you need to add a little color to your living room, buy some throw pillows with some vibrant color. Maybe you need to dejunk & sell some of your stuff at a yard sale. Maybe you need to move some furniture around to make it feel more open. Maybe you need to get rid of the television in the bedroom. Maybe you need to empty out some closets and have some ‘open’ space. Maybe you need to add some music to soothe your sleep. Your surroundings affect the way you sleep, eat, relax, and live. You may want to do some research on organizing, room flow, decluttering, etc. to find the balance your are looking for.

PLAY.     Play is a good way to shake things up and avoid boredom. Everyone plays on different levels, so throw in some variety and see what feels good to you. Maybe you need to begin just playing a new card game. Maybe you need to join a club and learn Pickle Ball. Maybe you need to take some balls to the tennis court & just begin to play. Maybe you need to hit a bucket of balls at the golf course. Maybe you need to join a bingo night. Maybe you just need a board game night. Whatever you enjoy–do more, try more, play more.


I hope these ideas have given you a good start to begin to shake up your daily routine and step out of your comfort zone. Our lives become so routine, so it is up to us to step out, shake it up, find something new and begin.

Enjoy your day!! -H



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