True to YOU

I am not talking about selfishness. I am talking about being true to yourself in all of your essence, so that you can then better serve the world.

The world needs light!! Lots of light. There are plenty of people struggling to find their true light, that little spark of divinity. We are made of stardust! We are illumination and wonder and magnificence and we glow when we are feeling good.

Have you ever seen someone light up with an idea or excitement over something that they are interested in? Have you seen someone genuinely smile? Do you feel good inside when you see others embrace? There are little glimmers of this stardust that seems to fall in the eyes of others, so it is only obvious that YOU have it too!!

We all have the potential to shine, to find those things that light us up, to share our radiance with others.

Here are a few reminders of who YOU are…

Peace and Love to YOU today.

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