3044850-inline-i-1-dove-is-really-reaching-with-this-new-stunt-that-forces-women-to-walk-through-doors-marked-aThe following Dove ad was sent to me by my sister and it holds a great question—Do you feel BEAUTIFUL or AVERAGE? I put myself in this situation and asked myself which door I would choose.

We all have different insecurities, we may have things we feel are inadequate or even undesirable, but I believe in the end we all have things we also find beautiful. I think the world puts too much emphasis on the outer, the shell, the cosmetic…but I took this beautiful vs average question & focused on the things that are beautiful about me, within me, the lessons learned, the growth, the talents, the whole. How can you ever make such harsh, cruel judgements about yourself when you only look at a small piece?? It would be like looking at a painting and making a statement about it, but only being able to see one corner of its beauty, its possibility, its brilliance.

So, with that, I ask you to watch the following ad & put yourself there. Ask yourself what you feel is beautiful about you and then walk through the door. Do you still feel average OR beautiful??


I LOVE these quotes, but this last quote—what a great exercise for all of us. If you could truly take in and believe YOU ARE EVERY LOVELY WORD—what would the world be like? What would that look like? Here are some lovely words to put into practice and exercise them on yourself. Try it…I AM…Beautiful, Unique, Loved, Special, Cared for, Lovely, Precious, Strong, Empowered, Secure, Thankful, Gracious, Stunning, Present, Gifted, Awesome, Charming, Delightful, Extraordinary, Fabulous, Glorious, Heavenly, Incredible, Joyous, Kind, Magnificent, Outstanding, Remarkable, Superb, Fantastic, Terrific, Valued, Wonderful, Caring, Fun, Amazing.    Feel free to add to this list and make it your own.

Now, ask yourself, Do you feel BEAUTIFUL or AVERAGE?    Have a beautiful day -H

Ads to make your day AWESOME

I wanted to do something creative, fun and spontaneous today!! I have put together a great collage of videos & images to illustrate amazing messages that will inspire, make you think and hopefully spark something within. Images have power, so take the ride!

This first is an amazing ad done a few years ago by absolute vodka…take a look

The next is a neat video done by Dove that makes you take a closer look at how you see yourself…check it out.

The next video makes you think about how we affect one another…the responsibility to reach out to one another…to make a difference.

The next images just make you stop and think…take a look


Well, I hope these images, inspiration and food for thought will make you stop and take notice of the way you treat others, what choices you make, how you treat the planet and what pulls at your heart and soul. We are connected in all things, so don’t be afraid to step out and make a small change…get creative in some small way, maybe begin to recycle your water bottles, cut back on your meat consumption, give your child 12 big hugs today, risk, get outdoors, stop texting in your car, read more, get your family listening to good music, appreciating art, making a difference in other peoples lives, love yourself a little more, adopt a pet, see things differently…Get INSPIRED!!

Make it an AWESOME day!!  -Heather